Thanks to Carl Nielsen of Lodge & Thomas auctioneers in Truro for letting me show this lovely large panel executed by John Pearson in 1900 (it bears the incised signature to the back).

Arts & Crafts copper panel by John Pearson

Another copper panel dated 1900 by John Pearson

1900 seems to be the year John Pearson experimented with copper panels! This is the third one dated 1900 I have seen which suggests (to me) that they were probably not designed to be incorporated within furniture but were free-standing decorative objects. These panels show similarities and differences – this one has no lions or mythical creatures but has galleons and trees and the same emblemmatic sun shining over a city.

It was sold for £580 plus commission in September 2016 which seems to me a pretty good price!

Roseberys auctioneers in London have just sold a John Pearson mirror in their London saleroom. Catalogued simply as “A copper Arts & Crafts mirror, early 20th century, with stylized plants to either side and birds above and below, in oak frame, approx 47cm x 45.5cm” it had a very low estimate of £200-£300. Sadly – for buyers – it did not sell for that but sold for £1700 plus commission (so over £2000).

John Pearson mirror

Unmarked Arts & Crafts mirror sold at Roseberys

I am very grateful to Andrew Turner of Peter Wilson Fine Art auctioneers for sending me these images of a lovely large John Pearson charger dating from his time at the Guild of Handicraft in 1892. Fully signed but no pattern number. It is a large one – 51cm wide. It sold for £800 plus commission, so just under £1000 in July 2015.

Guild of Handicraft charger by John Pearson

This charger was sold by Peter Wilson auctioneers in July 2015 for £800 plus commission.

Thanks to Jeff Barker for sending me this images of a copper box by John Pearson (with the ‘straight’ initials) and dated 1900. It has all the characteristic features – the feathered bird, flowers and the hinge.

John Pearson 1900 box

Copper box, dated 1900, featuring a long necked swan.

Hinge of copper box

The hinge, square nails, and flowers are typical of a John Pearson box.

It is very rare to find very similar (but still not identical!) pieces by John Pearson but I was recently sent an image of a large repousse copper panel.

Large rectangular repousse panel

Is this a representation of Jerusalem?

Close up of sun

Detail of landscape

It has been suggested that this landscape, signed on the back with the simple “J. P. 1900.” and measuring 41 inches by 9.5 inches, is an allegorical rendition of Jerusalem, flanked by a phoenix on the Mt. of Olives and the lion of Judah on the facing hill.

What is interesting is that a very similar panel was sold by Woolley & Wallis auctioneers in Salisbury in December 2014 but in a different orientation – a mirror image. Is it possible that these are a pair?

1900 copper landscape panel by John Pearson

A second panel by John Pearson dated 1900 and initialled

This panel, also dated 1900, and of the same dimensions, has slightly different details.

Detail of panel showing lions

The panel is similar to the one above

Detail of sunburst

Note that the sun’s rays are slightly different.

This 15 inch charger, fully signed and dated 1890, with the same pattern number as another one on this site – 403. This is the first time I have seen the same pattern number used by Pearson, perhaps an oversight. Both date from his time at the Guild of Handicraft.

Image of charger

An early copper charger by John Pearson dated 1890