the saleroom scrolling adverts

The bad news: has introduced scrolling adverts on searches urging – or rather nagging or harassing – users to sign up to alerts (even if you already have the alert). Ok – an advert is fine – if it can be dismissed. A scrolling advert which pursues you down the page, though, is a pretty retrograde step which you generally do not see on reputable sites. A scrolling advert which cannot be dismissed is unbelievably shoddy for a site which, presumbly, wants to be seen as a premier site. I’m afraid it is not any more. What are they thinking of – that they will bully users into signing up? It is a shame because it has been a very good site until now.

The good news: On this site, you will certainly not see scrolling adverts. Scrolling adverts are just bad design, plain and simple. Which is not to say that I think the site is perfect. It isn’t (of course) and I am sure that there are things which could work better. But, unlike ATG, I will aim to respond to feedback. So, if there is any aspect of the site you are not happy with, or think could be improved, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Please use the contact page though since I have disabled comments because of too much spam.