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John Pearson is the most famous metalworker of the late 19th and early 20th century English Arts & Crafts movement.

This website is an attempt to bring together the snippets of information we have of his life with examples of his work. It is intended primarily as an information site but we are also collectors so, if you have a good piece you would like to sell, please get in touch.

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Number: 3002 (1903)

I am particularly interested in building up a catalogue of pieces bearing pattern numbers.

These seem to range from the 200s in the late 1880s until the mid 3000s in the early 1900s. Common sense would suggest that they are numbered sequentially - but I have seen two clearly very different pieces with the same pattern number (possibly an error?).

Much, if not most of John Pearson's work, does not have a pattern number. In particular, some of the early pieces - when John Pearson was at the Guild - may not have pattern numbers (or signatures) because of the socialist tendency of the Guild not to identify particular craftsmen (a rule which John Pearson did not respect).

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Guild of Handicraft Galleon

The symbolism of the galleon was clearly influential throughout John Pearson’s career. Charles Ashbee, whose rebus for the Guild of Handicraft is shown above, used the galleon as a symbol of pioneering adventure (and a bad pun in calling it a ‘craft’). The galleon was a key symbol of the Arts and Crafts movement more … Read More


1901 fish jardiniere

I came across this jardiniere by John Pearson which is being sold by dealers I have not come across before nouveaudecoarts.com. They kindly allowed me to use the images on the site. The jardiniere, which is quite large (approx. 8 inches tall), has four ‘hopeful looking fish’ which are all different, and which have the … Read More